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The Dog Acres purple fairy, flying over some purple flowers.


One of the biggest things we do with empty space is fill it…all of it! Do you have room to grow? 

More on this HERE! xoxo Dana


"Spend five minutes with Joseph Chinard’s Madame Récamier. Three reasons why: 1. the virtuosity of Chinard’s lifelike carving in terracotta; 2. the sitter’s allure, which is open to interpretation—is she coy or demure?; and 3. the renown of historical beauty Juliette Récamier herself. (I’ve looked at this sculpture for many, many minutes and written about it here.)” 

Recommended viewing for slowartday from a passionate decorative arts & sculpture educator, Christine Spier.

To zoom in and let your “eyes” wander, click here.

Bust of Madame Recamier (detail), about 1801–02, Joseph Chinard. Terracotta, 24 7/8 in. high. The J. Paul Getty Museum.


Makes you think…


Flourless Chocolate Cake I | “This cake is outstanding. I did use both dark chocolate chips and some semisweet chocolate bars. It got rave reviews and will become a standard Passover favorite.” – G.Laverdiere

Get the recipe:


See’s candy typology. Photography by Lichelle Jenkins.


Each week at Saatchi Art, we visit the studio of one of our artists. We check out their studio, take a peek inside their sketchbooks and, best of all, learn more about what inspires them. Read on and discover exciting new details about this week’s featured artist, Kirsty Warman.


Hard work does not mean wealth!


Miller House, Eero Saarinen, Columbus, IN, 1957 — Balthazar Korab



Inspired by the cover of Batman #400, originally illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz (my spiritual father).  I love his work because there’s this Mannerist, El Greco thing that the work exudes - it’s just so tasty

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A new survey conducted exclusively for BuzzFeed found that as more advertisers are featuring depictions of LGBT people in their ads, more Americans are getting on board.

Here are a couple of key points taken from the survey of 500 people:

  • 80% agreed that “showing gay or lesbian people in ads simply reflects the reality of our society today”
  • 60% agreed that “brands that show same-sex couples are being appropriately inclusive” 
  • 57% said “it’s cool when I see same-sex couples in ads”
  • 40% said “TV ads are no place for same-sex couples” 
  • 72% said they consider brands with LGBT-inclusive ads “brave”

The article linked above explains more about the survey data, while this longer BuzzFeed article dives deeper into how brands are using inclusive advertising to reach out to more audiences. As GLAAD’s Sarah Kate Ellis said, “It’s about time my children were able to turn on the television and see families like their own represented in mainstream advertising.”

What do you think?

Love this…

(via catsarechrist)

(via catsarechrist)

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